Who we are

The Puglialove association has been founded with the goal to developing the potential of the Puglia Region.

Many years of experience have been necessary to specialize in the field of the territorial development through the promotion of tourism, from analysis to design, from tourism programming to promotion on site (visits tours, workshops, conferences and seminars).

It has been fundamental to understand the value produced by the tangible cultural heritage (castles, cathedrals, archaeological sites, rock-hewn churches, typical Apulian farms called masserie) and the intangible cultural heritage (made by local traditions, ancient crafts, folklore, folk festivals and ancient dialects).

Our main tasks are:

Support new ideas that enhance the territory and create passion;
protect the land, our history and our roots;
implement projects aimed at sustainability and at the preservation of the territorial assets

Our goals are:

Enhance the territory through the promotion of tourism;
Create new itineraries and discover hidden and unknown routes , ancient crafts, old traditions and rituals;
Open the tourism offer beyond the national boundaries, proposing to new tourists who want to visit and get to know;
Promote and support sustainable projects that shall accrue and could enhance the Apulian territory;
Provide logistic and cognitive support in every moment of your stay (during the programmation, at the arrival date and during your stay);
Create a community of Puglia lovers.

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