attentive to the preservation of nature puglialove offers a discovery of the two main regional parks:

the Gargano National Park
the Rural Alta Murgia National Park

promoting them with trips and tours, discovering a part of Puglia that even remains intact with a biodiversity and natural mechanisms to be protected.

Other tours concern various protected areas scattered throughout the region, we mention

the protected area of Torre Guaceto (in the province of Brindisi)
the reserve Alimini Lakes(in the province of Lecce),
the reserve of Porto Selvaggio (in the province of Lecce),

and many more ...

you can effectual guided tours with trained naturalist, true lovers of landscape protection with cognitive educational purposes.

Among other activities you can practice there are:

a) Hiking on marked trails,
b) Horseback riding,
c) Bike tours,
d) Boat tours of the caves (the Ionian and the Adriatic coast)

and many other activities!

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