Not be missed

We have listed a short list of places to visit, to see, things to taste that those who come in Puglia should not miss:

1 One of the "best ice cream in the Puglia region" at Gelateria Gasperini on Corso Cavour in Bari,

2 The typical focaccia from the bakery of the Di Gesù family, E. Pimentel street, in Altamura (Bari),

3 The magnificent panorama of Pizzomunno from the terrace near the Norman-Castle of Vieste (Foggia);

4 The panorama of the Alta Murgia, from the square in front of Castel del Monte (Bari),

5 "The two seas that meet themselves" from the square of Saint Mary of Leuca Sanctuary, Leuca (Lecce),

6 The view of the Pulo of Altamura, a karstic doline, one of the biggest in Europe,

7 The roman of Apulian style Cathedral of Altamura (Bari),

8 The "terrace upon the Trulli of Alberobello" from the Aia Piccola borough, Alberobello (Bari),

9 The magnificent baroque Basilica of Santa Croce in Lecce,

10 The mosaic floor of the Cathedral of Otranto (Department of Lecce),

11 The interior of the magnificent Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Galatina (Dept. of Lecce),

12 The magnificent of San Cataldo Chapel in the Cathedral of Taranto, a wonder of the Baroque art in Puglia,

13 The panorama from the terrace of the Itria Valley, from the Cathedral of Cisternino (Brindisi),

14 The magnificent Romanesque "Cathedral on the sea" Trani,

15 The view of the Umbra Forest (tr. "shadow forest") from the Castle of Monte Sant'Angelo (Foggia),

16 The mosaics of the San Sabino Cathedral in Bari,

17 The Roman Amphitheatre of Lucera (Foggia),

18 The Roman Amphitheatre in Saint Oronzo Square in Lecce,

19 The pasticciotto of Lecce

20 The Giuseppe De Nittis paintings' collection in Palazzo della Marra, in the historical center of Barletta (Bari),

21 The Jatta Museum in Ruvo di Puglia, the only example of the XIXth century archaeological museum wanted by the

Earl of Jatta (Ruvo di Puglia, Dept. of Bari),

and so much more, you'll be spoiled for choice!

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